Our Story

The Amber Shop and Museum is a second generation run family-run jewellers in the delightful coastal town of Southwold. With over 100 years of jewellery making experience and over 34 years in retail, Amber Shop has exceeded jewellery excellence. In 1987, the shop passed on to Robin and Astrid Fournel who purchased and have run the shop ever since, enticing customers and visitors to experience the wonder of the Amber Shop and Museum. Today, Amber Shop is led by Jeremy Fournel who continues to uphold and define the brand’s excellent jewellery standards.

A Century of Excellence

Over 100 years our shop, situated on the East Coast of England, has been cutting, polishing, and shaping the local amber which is uniquely found embedded in this coastline of England. Our shop proudly specialises in amber but also deals in gold, silver, and precious stones. We also aid our visitors and customers in selecting jewellery for their most special occasions such as engagement and wedding day jewellery. What’s more, being such large dealers, the Amber Shop now also deal in Baltic and Dominican Republic amber, to satisfy all your amber needs.

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The Amber Museum

The Amber Museum is the only purpose-built museum in the UK to tell the story and history of the revered amber. Designed and created by Robin and Astrid Fournel, the museum features beautiful carvings and artefacts from all over the world and addresses the history, importance, and intrigue behind amber. Entry is free and offers you an experience not to be missed.